• Night at the White House....

    You cant miss the following excerpts from Mara Davis' blog...Night at the White House...click on the link below to read the entire piece! ...How does a Atlanta gal end up at the Ford’s Theatre Lincoln Medal of Honor ceremony?  My brother Ian has a big job in Washington DC that requires him to go to big events. Every now and then I get to be the +1 and jump at the chance to attend.  This is how I got to the Kennedy Center Honorsa few times.When we arrived, the security was tight.  You go through three check points to get in.  There’s secret service, security and bomb sniffing dogs everywhere.  According to Ian, it wasn’t always like this.  The Sahali disaster (!!) changed the set up.The difference between this event and a tourist tour is that these rooms are normally roped off.
    Night at the White House....
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    A story every mom will appreciate from Chrishaunda Lee Perez's “Yes, i Brought It Up”  essay series on her website, Me Time... Kids say the darndest things, don’t they?I was leaning topless over my six-year-old daughter trying to reach something on her night stand table.  As if she was given whiplash by my breasts, she exclaimed to me, “Mommy, they’re long!”My husband was within earshot, but luckily or him, his back was turned to us. He is lucky that I did not hear a chuckle. Double lucky that I did not see his shoulders bounce from trying to laugh silently to himself.
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  • Lisa's lense V

                  Donna Moffly...Writer, editor, people person, cat lover, Grandmother of nine….   Donna is confident, happy, vibrant, sharp as a tack, inquisitive, and thrives on meeting new people. She is the Editorial Advisor and co founder of Moffly Media, along with her husband, Jack.  Moffly Media publishes five local town magazines, one of them being the renowned Greenwich Magazine....     For Donna’s generation she was ahead of her time; she was able to achieve a balance between motherhood and work.  Her father encouraged her to become self-sufficient, and her husband supported her intellectual pursuits, thereby helping her establish a fulfilling career as a writer, mother and former editor/owner of Greenwich magazine.
    Lisa's lense V
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    • Author: Lisa

    • Posted On: June 13, 2013


    The WISH.We wanted to design a shoe collection that inspires creativity and individuality… Shoes that could go from stiletto to wedge and everything in between. A shoe that could instantly change from a black suede bootie to a pink patent peep toe, and while we're at it why not a studded strappy sandal? Oh! And we wanted them to be totally affordable - shoes every girl could own. Can we design these dream shoes? It's impossible, right? "Impossible only means you haven’t found the solution yet."The REVOLUTION.It begins now. Join us as we re-create the world of shoes, re-define the world of girls-and revolutionize your closet- ONE CLIQUE at a time. YOU can make a difference - Like us. Follow us. Come this November, every time you shop with us a portion of your sale will be donated to Kind Campaign.
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  • There is room for all of us

    Please read another one of my favorite posts by Lindsey Mead from her amazing blog, A Design So Vast...One afternoon last week Grace was telling me about a conversation she had with a friend about being competitive.  They were discussing the pros and cons of that trait, and, Grace said, she told her friend, “Well, my mother is not competitive at all.”  I was equally taken aback, I think, by the fact that she had noticed that and that she’d offered it in a conversation with a friend.This is true.  It’s also surprising to a lot of people.  But it’s absolutely true.  I’ve written before about my disinclination towards competition when it comes to sports and games.
    There is room for all of us
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  • This is Ten

    Please read one of my favorite posts by Lindsey Mead from her amazing blog, A Design So Vast...  I spent my teenage summers at a wonderful, rambling house on the Massachusetts shore with several families.  There was always a tangle of children and we got in the habit of going for swims after dinner.  One summer, there was phosphorescence.  I have never forgotten those unexpected, bright swirls of light, otherworldly, as blinding as they were fleeting.Ten is like that.  Ten is phosphorescence.  Ten blazes brightly and vanishes so quickly you wonder if your eyes are playing tricks on you.Ten is a changeling.  In her mahogany eyes I see the baby she was and the young woman she is fast becoming.
    This is Ten
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  • Liam's Room

    CALLING ALL MORPHMOMS... Liam's Room needs your help!... Liam's Room is an amazing non profit organization that provides support to families whose child is faced with a chronic, potentially life limiting illness, by redesigning inpatient hospital rooms to recreate a more home like environment, as well as to educate hospital staff of the proper implementation of pediatric palliative care, which incorporates the total care of a child's body, mind and spirit, as well as gives support to the entire family unit. There are currently two Liam's Rooms in New Jersey.Liam's room is currently in the process of creating comfort bags to give to families staying in the hospital rooms.
    Liam's Room
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  • Tips for a home office!

    Where do I begin?   Red cardboard paper..I am busy...   Green cardboard paper...I am free...   Get a PO Box for your business address!   Watch Kate's video for more amazing advice  and get started!
    Tips for a home office!
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  • SAG Screening of "Ending Up"!

     "Ending Up" was selected to be screened at the SAG Foundation’s Short Film Showcase on Tuesday, June 25th, 2013 at 7 p.m.Seven shorts will be featured for a total running time of approximately 80 minutes. The screening will be followed by a Q+A with the filmmakers that will run approximately 30 minutes.The event will be held at the Engelman Recital Hall Theater at Baruch College Performing Arts Center, located at 55 Lexington Ave. - entrance on E. 25th St bet. Lexington & 3rd Ave.  Tickets are free but only open to members of SAG-Aftra.  We will be releasing the full short film..."Ending Up" on our You Tube channel sometime in the fall of 2013, so stay tuned!If you're interested in receiving updates, you should "Like" us on FB: https://www.facebook.com/endingupfilmThank you,Paige
    SAG Screening of "Ending Up"!
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  • Where do I begin?

    MAMA MILA....If I started this with the words “where do I begin” how many of you would immediately think of the movie Love Story with Ryan O’Neal and Ali McGraw? For all of you that said yes, smiled or nodded..I now know who the baby boomers are..for those of you who didn’t and still don’t know..that movie will seem ancient if you do rent it but I highly suggest you do as it was a great one “back in the day”.  That movie came to mind as I sat down to write this although my “morphing” into where I am now is not based on romantic love but instead, it is how I feel when trying to share how I got to the place I am now..which is the happiest and most AUTHENTIC place for me..and a place that I LOVE! So I guess the best place to begin is by introducing myself..My name is Lisa Jadis, I am 54 years young..
    Where do I begin?
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