• "Ending Up"

     AMAZING UPDATES ON THE FILM "ENDING UP"...Written and directed by Paige Morrow Kimball.Produced by Kathleen Keagy... Two amazing morpmoms and  filmmakers committed to creating stories by, for and about women with a special focus on women in their 40s and beyond.... Ending Up is about coming into your own, letting go of control, and letting go of the false idea of perfection. There’s a misconception in our culture, that when you hit 40, you should have arrived to the place you are going by now. That it marks the end of something. It’s hardly the end! It’s actually an incredibly fertile, creative, and powerful time. We’ve lived enough to be able to learn from our past and look forward to our future. To live our lives fully as we go through our 40s, we must know that we are enough.
    "Ending Up"
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  • Film Society of Summit

    If you're passionate about movies... The Film Society of Summit was launched in September, 2012 , by morphmom Lisa Reznik, to bring independent films to film aficionados in Summit and neighboring towns.  The Film Society of Summit presents screenings of contemporary domestic and international films, many with special guests attending for post screening Q & A's. The Film Society of Summit aims to recognize and support new filmmakers and to enhance awareness, acccessibility and understanding of the art of filmmaking among a broad and diverse film-going audience. At various times of the year the Film Society of Summit will partner with New York and Hollywood studios to present premieres and special live appearances.
     Film Society of Summit
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  • 95 Decibles

    Based on a true story...95 Decibels explores the emotional obstacles parents face when they get an unexpected diagnosis of hearing loss for their child. This at times heartbreaking film is based on a true story....95 Decibels is a powerful film about a young family who suspect their first child isn't hearing.  Having limited experience with deafness, the parents of Sophia must determine which medical options and communication strategies will best serve their toddler daughter. They seek the advice of medical professionals as well as parents of other hearing-impaired children in coming to terms with the decisions ... making these decisions becomes difficult and dramatic.http://youtu.be/9oWFxeXM90M     (english captions)http://youtu.be/gzh-Cv_g2tc    (spanish captions)
    95 Decibles
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  • t-oigo.com

    By 2014, t-oigo.com will have a program to support bilingual education for kids with cochlear implants and hearing aids including 150 families in 8 Spanish cities. ...This blog created specifically for the program to support deaf kids who are learning English as a second language, ihearyou.t-oigo.com, reveals in the words of the students and family participants, how they feel about the impact it has had on them. For example:...Gabrielle, a student volunteer, writes about the impact the program had on her,“When I first signed up (as a volunteer) for the t-oigo program, I honestly did not know what to expect.
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  • S.O.S

    Meet Jane and Nicole of Schelling O’Connell Services...Two amazing morphmoms who have established this new company dedicated to saving your wardrobe!  You will never have to worry about your closet again! ...I love the summer. Summer clothes, food, the beach, biking, vacations. The list goes on and on. There are so many cute things to wear this time of year but just not enough time to wear them!We had a party for a friend of ours that is moving away. I always love to see what my friends are wearing. They are a styling group of women. The ensembles ran the gamut from colorful maxi dresses, shorts with cute tops and wedges and short dresses. One thing I love this season are the vibrant colors. Green, yellows, blues and pinks…anything goes.One of my girlfriends has kick butt arms so she chose a strapless maxi with a flat thong sandal.
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  • My life has simultaneously narrowed and widened

    My life has simultaneously narrowed and widened People ask me, with some regularity, how I “do it all.” Of course, I don’t. There is plenty I don’t do. And I have been thinking about that a lot lately, of the immensely different ways we each populate our hours and what they say about what we value. Every hour of our life is a choice, a trade-off between competing priorities and desires. We are all given the same number of hours in a day. What do you prioritize? What do you care about? Where are you spending your time? In the last several years my own life has simultaneously narrowed and widened. It has narrowed because I have substantially cut down on external (non-job and non-family) commitments. I say no much more often than I say yes.
    My life has simultaneously narrowed and widened
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  • Liam's Room 2

    And the ribbon was cut on the 2nd Liam's Room today!Liam's Room is an amazing non profit organization that provides support to families whose child is faced with a chronic, potentially life limiting illness, by redesigning inpatient hospital rooms to recreate a more home like environment, as well as to educate hospital staff of the proper implementation of pediatric palliative care, which incorporates the total care of a child's body, mind and spirit, as well as gives support to the entire family unit. Morphmom Lisa McNamara, along with her wonderful husband and two sons, cut the ribbon today on the 2nd "Liam's Room", at Morristown Memorial Hospital.  Words cannot express how truly amazing this room is..so I decided to let the pictures tell the story... We can't wait for the 3rd!
    Liam's Room 2
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    HOPE ON THE HORIZON...Experience this Inspiring Journey of Hope for ALS Awareness...Please watch the trailer of this amazing documentary:.."48 PEAKS....250 MILES....OVER 70,000 FEET OF ELEVATION....ONE CONSECUTIVE TRIP....TO RAISE AWARENESS AND SUPPORT....FOR THE FAMILIES AND VICTIMS OF ALS"..                               http://youtu.be/FxeNjcqZWaA..Hark is an organization founded by Donna Dourney York with family at it’s core.
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  • Strager Style

    Please watch this clip of Stylist and CBS Trend Tracker morphmom... Shaye Strager...Summer Beauty Essentials today on CBS:http://www.cbsatlanta.com/videoautoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=9039225... Shaye Strager is a well respected fashion stylist and television contributor who has left New York City to live in the sweet south with her family. You can take the girl out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the girl, and Shaye has brought her New York expertise and savvy to the Peachtree city of Atlanta. Along with her tenure of celebrity and designer experience comes a simple, direct and honest working style that is uniquely her own. Her positive energy and commitment to help men and women feel more confident about their fashion choices have driven her Wardrobe Consulting and Closet Makeover business during the past year.
    Strager Style
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  • Night at the White House....

    You cant miss the following excerpts from Mara Davis' blog...Night at the White House...click on the link below to read the entire piece! ...How does a Atlanta gal end up at the Ford’s Theatre Lincoln Medal of Honor ceremony?  My brother Ian has a big job in Washington DC that requires him to go to big events. Every now and then I get to be the +1 and jump at the chance to attend.  This is how I got to the Kennedy Center Honorsa few times.When we arrived, the security was tight.  You go through three check points to get in.  There’s secret service, security and bomb sniffing dogs everywhere.  According to Ian, it wasn’t always like this.  The Sahali disaster (!!) changed the set up.The difference between this event and a tourist tour is that these rooms are normally roped off.
    Night at the White House....
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