• "And...Action!"

    “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”? Madeleine Albright 2006....Fresh from completing my latest short film, ENDING UP, I felt inspired! Good things were happening: My mission was strong (to make films by, for and about women over 40), Sheryl Sandberg’s book,“Lean In” had just come out, and Sundance had an equal number of women and men directors. I was motivated and ready for action!  On March 2, I attended the ’2013 Director’s Guild of America (DGA) Women of Action Summit’, an all-day event dedicated to the empowerment of women directors and female stories in film and television. I got to the conference, feeling excited, hoping to bond. Maybe I would even find a mentor! I felt connected to everyone there….
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  • Dog House 2

    ...(insert vertical, wiggly "time lapse" lines)...Spring 1998. I was a 4th grade teacher at a prominent Catholic school in Denver. I was also loving wife to my husband Doug and a devoted mommy to my first child, Morgan who was approaching his 1st birthday. We had just begun to feel comfortable in our new roles as parents, home owners and for lack of a better word, adults.  That April, my good friend and fellow teacher had invited me to her bachelorette party. It was a last night (as it is for all brides-to-be) get her sillies out before becoming "Mrs. (insert husband-to-be's last name)".  I left that evening with Doug's permission. It was understood that taxis were going to be the sole mode of transportation and that I'd be spending the night at the bachelorette's house.
    Dog House 2
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    • Author: Sue

    • Posted On: April 02, 2013

  • Dog House

     Happy Friday Morphmoms! So tonight, I'm "taking it easy" as per my husband's request/demand.  Last Friday night (Katy Perry, yeah...no), I found myself in the proverbial Dog House, impounded by Doug after a late evening out with my girlfriends.  As a married, 46 year old mom of 3, you may be wondering how exactly this came to pass. Let me begin by clarifying some things. First, I don't "go out" with my friends but every month or so and when we do, it's for a glass of wine and some dinner. I'm usually home by 8pm, so take "late" with a grain of salt.  Last Friday, we went a little "off the menu" as far as our outings go. We had 3 birthdays (mine being one of them) to celebrate. Usually, we take the Birthday Girl out for dinner either the night of or the Friday after her big day.
    Dog House
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    • Author: Sue

    • Posted On: March 21, 2013

  • Mommy Rising

    A powerful group of women is rising in the world right now. We were professionals in our fields, we waited to have children, we stepped out to raise them, and now we are back. But motherhood did something profound to us. Our "mid-life" crisis coincided with having our babies. We stepped out of our previous existences. We came face to face with questions of who we are, our purpose in the world and how we want the world to be, and we are redesigning both motherhood and the world from the inside out. Our generation of moms are redefining home. When we speak of home, we are not talking about the place we sleep at night, but the world we live in.Not content with the model that a woman has to become like a man to have success in the world, we have become entrepreneurial, approaching ourselves and our families as businesses.
    Mommy Rising
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                                     You can take her dignity, just don't touch her babysitter....           http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sitter/x/2281205                                   An award-winning screenwriter teams up with an award-winning director and his...wait for it...award-winning production company!Jennifer Harrison and LoveBar Productions has joined with Michael Miceli and Jersey Flix Productions. And they're going there."Sitter" is a dark comedy that explores the depths of desperation when a harried housewife faces the prospect of losing her babysitter, and the swift kick of karma when she tries to keep it from happening.
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    • Author: MorphMom

    • Posted On: February 08, 2013

  • Lisa's lense

     Kathleen Smith, the originator of Morph Mom, has got me hooked!!! I tagged along for an interview with my camera in tow and was totally inspired by what I witnessed. Please read on to see a few photos below from my first session and my take on the interview. ...  Egli is a proud mom of a 17 year old cancer survivor and an educator at Christo Rey High School in Harlem New York....      Please read on to see this wonderful woman as I have seen her..She is wicked smart, a dedicated mom,a passionate teacher and has a beautiful smile that lights up the room...     Quotes from Egli: “A friend once told me that while flying I should put on my oxygen mask first, before assisting my child.
    Lisa's lense
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  • The Incident

    Hands up MorphMoms, who loves Yoga?  I bet it's a safe assumption that a good number of you raised your hands (well, hopefully you didn't literally raise them, because...you know I can't really see you, right?).  Welp, I love yoga too. But today was the first day in 2+ years that I took a class.  It's been 2+ years since "The Incident"...aka "The Day The Yoga Died" (for me at least).  I had signed a year membership with the "It" yoga studio at the time, of Highlands Ranch the previous day.  I walked in that evening ready to begin my new life as a Zen, calm, "take it in stride" woman.  I was going to come back to my family, changed...shining from within...
    The Incident
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    • Author: Sue

    • Posted On: January 31, 2013

  • "Six Letter Word"

     "Six Letter Word" - A short film by morphmom Lisanne Sartor...Click on this link to see the trailer to the film: http://t.co/fXcgu4a8... The Logline...“Six Letter Word” is about down-on-her-luck, devoted single mom, Zoe who writes off her young son Jax’s crossword puzzle obsession to genius until an unexpected encounter makes her realize that Jax has autism and needs much more than she alone can give him....The Inspiration...When Lisanne first started writing “Six Letter Word,” it was about the day four years ago when her son was diagnosed with high functioning autism. She couldn’t get the images and sounds from that day out of her head.  The doctor’s nod after Lisanne asks the verdict.
    "Six Letter Word"
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  • Mom's First Children's Book

    Chapter 1: Ruthie awoke one morning to a mysterious noise. She turned to her left and she turned to her right but she could not locate the source. She looked under her bed and up to the ceiling and still could not figure it out. Ruthie finally climbed out of her bed - still wiping the sleep from her big brown eyes – and found her slippers and her glasses.  Then, she started to investigate.But no sooner had she started than Ruthie, still just a little too sleepy, tripped over something fluffy on the floor.  In fact, it was Fluffy, her most favorite stuffed animal, who had recently disappeared. Elated at Fluffy's return, she completely forgot about the mysterious sound that had brought her out of bed in the first place and began playing old familiar Fluffy games.
    Mom's First Children's Book
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  • My Hero

    In 1943 my grandfather, a radio operator of a B17 , was shot down during a mission over Germany.  The plane exploded but all members of the crew managed to escape.  My grandfather landed in a tree,was injured, but managed to escape at night and attempted to swim to the safety of France.  As he emerged form the murky waters, he was greeted by none other than a Hitler youth who held a gun to his face and smiled as he said…"FOR YOU...the war is over!" My grandfather was taken prisoner and brought to the war camp, famously known as Stalag 17, where he would spend the next two and a half years of his life.Back in the states, in Fair Lawn New Jersey, Jeanne Fleming, a few months pregnant at the time, waited patiently for her husbands safe return home.  Unfortunately, the news she received was as far from that as she could have ever imagined.
    My Hero
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