• storage wars: a toy story

    storage wars; a toy story...February 12, 2015...In the past few days, I've been asked by several of my friends who are also moms if I have any solutions for toy storage. The answer is, sort of... As any parent knows, the moment you think you are settling into a solid routine with your baby... bam! The routine changes. It's a constant work-in-progress, an ever-changing, ebbing and flowing experiment. They change and grow, we adapt. They change again. We adapt - again. Repeat cycle.  That's sort of how I feel about toy storage. As our little petit bebe grows and changes, the way we configure and use our living space grows and changes with her... Before Ms.
    storage wars: a toy story
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  • meet lindsay

    meet lindsay...interior decorator, blogger..and of course - mom!... Hi, I'm Lindsay. Wife, mom, interior designer, organizational enthusiast. Pisces swimming in a fishbowl of dreams. Our tiny family unit resides in an equally tiny unit in Brooklyn that we have creatively transformed into a home. Welcome to my little slice of the blogosphere, where I combine my loves of interior design, architecture, fashion, art, travel, photography, writing and mom-hood into one little compact internet collage. Hopefully I can inspire you in the process. I'll show you how you can live large in the small, on an even smaller budget. I draw inspiration from my surroundings and influential people in my life. I find design everywhere and seek peace and beauty always.
    meet lindsay
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  • The Mix Tour

    morphmom.com presents:THE MIX TOUR... Coming to a City near you!... Join us...THE MORPHMOM MIX TOUR...MARCH 26...DARIEN EQUINOX...7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m...Cocktails and light bites... Equinox Darien has partnered with Morphmom on their multi-city tour where they bring moms (and dads) together in a casual environment to meet, mingle and connect. Great place for moms to exchange ideas, grow their business and to shop the products and services of other entrepreneurial women!
    The Mix Tour
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  • #morphmommoment

     #morphmommoment contest is underway! Once again- please submit videos depicting a moment in time in the day and the life of a morphmom- most likes win!... Just submit the video to my morphmom Facebook page with a brief title and #morphmommoment...This weeks prize is a beautiful cuff bracelet and a 20% discount off any Yamis and Dawni purchase!... Fellow morphmoms!...Please share this with friends- all are invited to participate!
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  • Nothing Standing In Our Way!

    "We can truly do whatever it is we want to do. There is nothing standing in our way." -- Gloria SteinemAnother (a)typical morning in the life of a morphmom. Somewhere in the middle of my third hour-long round-trip to my son's school to drop off the third forgotten school item (too much to ask that all three be remembered at the same time), fueled by as many cups of coffee (mostly milk and high-calorie vanilla flavoring, but three'll get the job done) on the heels of a very late, not very productive evening, I'm hit with something that is either a bolt from the blue or sugar shock, but, in any event, produces an epiphany.
    Nothing Standing In Our Way!
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  • morphmom marketplace

    morphmom marketplace
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    • Posted On: November 17, 2014

  • Lisa's Lense VI

    Lisa's Lense VI
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  • It's All About The Bag

    There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.  ~Victor Hugo... Cinda needed a bag...A very specific type of bag, mind you.  Machine washable, water resistant, stain resistant, contemporary in design and, most importantly, affordable...It didn't exist. So Cinda decided to create that bag.We've all been there. You know exactly what you want, but it's nowhere to be found.  It's how so many great morphmom stories are born.After lots of due diligence and internet research, Cinda drew up a business plan that answered every who, what, where, when, why and how question she could brainstorm.A former interior decorator, Cinda had the creative wherewithal to make her dream a reality and initially set up shop in a bedroom at home.
    It's All About The Bag
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  • All In The Family

    "A happy family is but an earlier heaven." George Bernard Shaw...I'm the oldest - chronologically, at least - of four girls, all born within 6 years of one another. Although my poor father wanted nothing more than a son to sit by his side in the stands at all 82 Yankee home games, he was in fact blessed with three beautiful, strong, athletic "tom boys" - and me. All four of us played every sport on offer growing up. My sisters won the medals; I wore them with a nice blouse. That is, on the rare occasion when I prevailed in our daily wars over stolen blouses, sweaters, earrings and time on the single, beige, rotary, landline, pre-call waiting telephone (its cord stretched to the limit under the door of the closet, a haven of privacy (but for that incessant pounding!)). We were a feisty crew, to be sure. Lots of high drama and abundant hormones.
    All In The Family
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    Time to Rescue Your Closet!...OK, here we go. This is our first foray into Blogdom. You may ask, what makes you two special? Why would we want to follow you? You’re not especially great writers, or particularly intelligent! I will tell you why! We are two women in our 40’s with style or at least our friends tell us that. My partner Jane and I started a little business a few years ago called SOS (Schelling O’Connell Services) with a domain name Rescue Your Closet. Now listen, we aren’t very computer savvy, can’t really even tell you what a domain is but we can help you with your wardrobe. We decided to give blogging a shot to give other women in their 40’s some styling incentive. Jane and I love to read the fashion magazines, troll the malls and scour the Internet for great designers.
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