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    Meet The Morphmoms



    Morphmom now has an official blog on the Huffington Post!  I will feature stories of moms that I have interviewed with the hopes of bringing the morphmom movement to a much broader audience!...


     Please enjoy the following excerpt from a recent post: 

    Starring our very own Lisa McNamara!...

     It is 6:57 a.m. The school bus leaves in seven minutes (and the bus stop is a five minute drive). On my way out the door, a pile of mail, untouched for three days, catches my eye. As I wait for my son to come barreling down the stairs in his inimitable way, half-dressed and hollering that we're going to miss the bus, I begin to flip through the local newsmagazine. With half my brain, I register something about a mom and her foundation and make a note-to-self to circle back to it when... Barreling, hollering, running to car, racing to bus and -- my son was right (again) -- missing it.

    An hour later, as the dust settles on the typically chaotic morning routine, I'm back home wrestling the mail away from the dog. While a number of bills are apparently already somewhere in his digestive tract (oh well), the local newsmagazine remains unscathed. I flip to the article that I'd mentally earmarked earlier and, as if I'd just donned a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, all of the surrounding mayhem instantly fades away. For the next 30 minutes, I'm fully engrossed by the tale of bravery and self-giving that's unfolding before me and, truth be told, remain so to this day.

    On March 9, 2007, Liam McNamara's tiny body succumbed to an illness from which he'd suffered for most of his 16 months of life. Lissencephaly (Miller-Dieker Syndrome) had subjected little Liam to countless seizures, stomach and respiratory problems, and much of his short life was spent with his twin brother (mercifully unaffected by Miller-Dieker) in a hospital room where his older brother and parents stood vigil. But their story is not just one of tragedy. Far from it. It's the story of a morphmom transforming her tragedy into a gift for other families afflicted by this and other terrible childhood diseases....






    For more information, check out: morphmom and Liam's Room.




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