• New Book!

    New Book!
    Hot off the Press...

    Morphmom Rachel Cedar has published her very first children's book!


    ...As Rachel explains "After several months of writing, creating & perfecting (and many more years of dreaming!) I'm excited to share the publication of my first children's book "When Mommy Has Our Baby!"... 

    Illustrated by the talented Tara Hannon of "Meant for a Moment", this adorable story is about a little boy who says goodbye to his parents as they leave to the hospital to have their new baby. Unlike other sibling prep books, "When Mommy Has O
    ur Baby" addresses the separation that takes place during this time, introduces easy ways for toddler & parent to stay connected and gives fun ideas to celebrate the new arrival. Most importantly, it addresses all the big feelings your child will be having during this significant time of transition... 

    Available NOW on Amazon in paperback & on Kindle!

    Please watch Rachel's morphmom video "You Plus 2 Parenting"

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