• Night at the White House....

    Night at the White House....

    You cant miss the following excerpts from Mara Davis' blog...Night at the White House...click on the link below to read the entire piece!


    ...How does a Atlanta gal end up at the Ford’s Theatre Lincoln Medal of Honor ceremony?  My brother Ian has a big job in Washington DC that requires him to go to big events. Every now and then I get to be the +1 and jump at the chance to attend.  This is how I got to the Kennedy Center Honorsa few times.

    Me and Ian

    When we arrived, the security was tight.  You go through three check points to get in.  There’s secret service, security and bomb sniffing dogs everywhere.  According to Ian, it wasn’t always like this.  The Sahali disaster (!!) changed the set up.

    front gate

    The difference between this event and a tourist tour is that these rooms are normally roped off.

    LibraryBlue roon

    After walking around we went upstairs where there was a full on orchestra playing.  Everyone was saying “WELCOME TO THE WHITE HOUSE” and smiling brightly.


    They totally recognize this may be the most special invite you’ll ever get in your life.


    The main reception area is where the President gives speeches from the White House.  As always, I’m on a mission to meet, greet and document for this blog.  You’re welcome ;)


    Dinner with George

    From there we went into a giant room with food and drink.  Since there weren’t any tables available, Ian and our friend Liz took a seat under George Washington.  When it was time to meet the Obamas I said “Hello Mr. President, it’s so nice to meet you.  Can you pretend I’ve said something funny so I can get a good picture” (idea stolen from my pal Yvonne Monet).  He said “hey that’s kind of funny, and look at me, I’m actually laughing!” Score!

    The First Lady may be the most magnificent looking woman I’ve ever seen. I commented on how her dress was similar to mine and we talked fashion for about 20 seconds.  She made me feel like we were best friends and then it was over. They do this repeatedly  and pull it off effortlessly.  They make you feel like you’re the most special person in the room.  It’s unbelievable.  The official White House pictures will be mailed to us in a few months (!!!!).

    Stalking condi

    I don’t care which side you’re on in politics, meeting a sitting president is incredible. If that wasn’t a big enough high, we then got to meet honoreeCondolezza Rice.  She was SO nice and personable, I just love her.



    Of course, I took random pictures of the food and I’m am happy to report it was delicious.  And don’t judge, I totally took hand towels from the bathroom....

     And then—it was over.  I’ve gone from princess of the White House back to mom packing a lunch. I picked up Charlie from camp I said “hey Charlie guess what, I met the president!”.  His reply?  ”Did you talk about me?”.   Glass slippers OFF, back to reality. What an incredible night!!








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