• Spring Fever

    Spring Fever

     “You can make anything by writing.” 

     -C.S. Lewis .....


    Please follow our very own morphmom Elizabeth Schulte Roth, as she writes about both work and play in the Biltmoreparkstyle blog about life in Asheville, North Carolina. Here is a sample of her latest installment...something we can all relate to after this winter!


    ....SPRING FEVER...

    With less than a month to go before the first day of spring, we suddenly realized that we’ll soon have to ditch our heavy sweaters and boots for shorts and sleeveless. Yikes! Don’t know about you, but the polar vortex (and those pesky Girl Scouts) have wreaked havoc on our waistlines. Thankfully, our friends at the Reuter Family YMCA (828.651.9622) have recently introduced some new classes to kickstart our workout.

    Shockwave is a 30 minute workout that is relatively new to the fitness industry and exclusive to the YMCA in Western North Carolina. Look for a water rower to simulate a hardcore trip on the lake as well as a few traditional high intensity interval training stations. Want to mix it up? Check out the Workout of the Day (a.k.a. WOD) that will push your limits with a different challenge each time. Whatever you choose, keep it fun — try a Zumba class or our personal favorite Lauren Kirkland’s Group Cycle (click here to view the group exercise schedule). We promise her playlists and her unwavering energy will never fail to inspire.

    When you find yourself with little time (i.e. traveling, during baby’s naptime, etc.), here’s an example of a quick workout from the fabulous minds at medAge (828.684.1212) that you can substitute at a moment’s notice.

    10 push ups 
    20 sit ups
    25 squats
    20 lunges (10 each side)
    80 jumping jacks (or jump rope for 60sec)
    60 second wall squats

    Do 3 sets with only 30 seconds in between each exercise.

    But no matter what you choose, sometimes we need a digital boost to keep us on track. CityMac (828.348.0900) has the chicest new accessory with Jawbone’s UP. Paired with the exclusive UP App, the band worn around your wrist monitors everything from your fitness goals and daily nutrition to your sleep habits at night. It might be a little TMI for you, but we hear it rocks!


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