• keeping up with the minimorphs

    keeping up with the minimorphs


    Originally I didn’t really know what a morphmom was and what defines someone as a “morphmom”. I quickly learned after one day of watching Mrs. Smith. As we sit in her kitchen she is instructing us on the ins and outs of morphmom; she is simultaneously getting the kids ready for school, going over all three of the kid’s schedules, and taming their two dogs.    I guess you could describe it as organized chaos because somehow with all the different jobs and responsibilities Mrs. Smith is able to make the house run with as few bumps as possible...

     The mini morphs are diving right into morphmom.  The morphmom office (kitchen) has been busy with all types of projects such as blogging for the Huffington Post. We have all been tasked to work on a different part of the blog and even find our own morphmoms to interview. Wish us luck!... 

    Be sure to follow our morphmom blog on the Huffington post,  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kathleensmith/and if anyone is interested in an interview they are willing to travel..and happy to do so!...

    Follow our lead and join the #morphmommovement


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