• keeping up with the minimorphs

    keeping up with the minimorphs

    Meet the Minimorphs!...

    A quick introduction to the newest addition to the morphmom team!...

    Meet Caroline, Abbie, Ashley and Lexi…high school seniors who could not imagine a more exciting way to spend their final months of high school then at the morphmom headquarters-my kitchen!

    You will be hearing a great deal from the girls in the next coming weeks and, if I have my way, months…from their interviews to their blog posts-please read what they are learning each and every day from our amazing morphmoms!

    Here are our photos from the first day of work..so far everyone is smiling!

    Be sure to follow our morphmom blog on the Huffington post,  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kathleensmith/and if anyone is interested in an interview they are willing to travel..and happy to do so!

    The girls are working on their first Huffington Post blog as we speak!

    Follow their lead and join the #morphmommovement


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