• morphmom moments with Laura Dash of Second Chance Chihuahuas

    morphmom moments with Laura Dash of Second Chance Chihuahuas
    Laura Dash...
    star of the National Geographic tv show...
    Second Chance Chihuahuas...
    Laura Dash is a former stunt double on movies including Jurassic Park, Interview with a Vampire, The Goonies, Hook, 
    and many more.... 
    Now she's got a new TV show called Second Chance Chihuahuas on Nat Geo WILD where cameras follow her and her husband Jim Peterson as they run Dolittle's Ranch in Studio City, California, where they have rescued more than 2,000 Chihuahuas over the past 10 years.... 

    • How Paris Hilton, Elle Woods, and the Taco Bell dog spiked interest in Chihuahuas but people often gave them up when the fad was over.
    • Now Chihuahuas are taking over dog shelters across the country; they are one of the most euthanized breeds
    • Believe it or not, packs of Chihuahuas, are wreaking havoc in cities including Phoenix and Los Angeles.
    The show aired 4-14-16



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