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  • meet lindsay

    meet lindsay...interior decorator, blogger..and of course - mom!... Hi, I'm Lindsay. Wife, mom, interior designer, organizational enthusiast. Pisces swimming in a fishbowl of dreams. Our tiny family unit resides in an equally tiny unit in Brooklyn that we have creatively transformed into a home. Welcome to my little slice of the blogosphere, where I combine my loves of interior design, architecture, fashion, art, travel, photography, writing and mom-hood into one little compact internet collage. Hopefully I can inspire you in the process. I'll show you how you can live large in the small, on an even smaller budget. I draw inspiration from my surroundings and influential people in my life. I find design everywhere and seek peace and beauty always.
    meet lindsay
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  • There is room for all of us

    Please read another one of my favorite posts by Lindsey Mead from her amazing blog, A Design So Vast...One afternoon last week Grace was telling me about a conversation she had with a friend about being competitive.  They were discussing the pros and cons of that trait, and, Grace said, she told her friend, “Well, my mother is not competitive at all.”  I was equally taken aback, I think, by the fact that she had noticed that and that she’d offered it in a conversation with a friend.This is true.  It’s also surprising to a lot of people.  But it’s absolutely true.  I’ve written before about my disinclination towards competition when it comes to sports and games.
    There is room for all of us
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  • This is Ten

    Please read one of my favorite posts by Lindsey Mead from her amazing blog, A Design So Vast...  I spent my teenage summers at a wonderful, rambling house on the Massachusetts shore with several families.  There was always a tangle of children and we got in the habit of going for swims after dinner.  One summer, there was phosphorescence.  I have never forgotten those unexpected, bright swirls of light, otherworldly, as blinding as they were fleeting.Ten is like that.  Ten is phosphorescence.  Ten blazes brightly and vanishes so quickly you wonder if your eyes are playing tricks on you.Ten is a changeling.  In her mahogany eyes I see the baby she was and the young woman she is fast becoming.
    This is Ten
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  • Mommy Rising

    A powerful group of women is rising in the world right now. We were professionals in our fields, we waited to have children, we stepped out to raise them, and now we are back. But motherhood did something profound to us. Our "mid-life" crisis coincided with having our babies. We stepped out of our previous existences. We came face to face with questions of who we are, our purpose in the world and how we want the world to be, and we are redesigning both motherhood and the world from the inside out. Our generation of moms are redefining home. When we speak of home, we are not talking about the place we sleep at night, but the world we live in.Not content with the model that a woman has to become like a man to have success in the world, we have become entrepreneurial, approaching ourselves and our families as businesses.
    Mommy Rising
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