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  • Thanks Morphmom

    Kathleen-Thanks so much for starting this website. It’s come at a perfect time in my life. I've been doing the hardest job for which I've ever been "hired" for 3 years now- being a stay at home mom. After my previous two jobs, that of a Marine Officer and then founder of a non-profit, I thought this "time off" would be fun, easy and relaxing. I realized it’s the first job I've been in that is NOT a meritocracy. It can be relentless and exhausting, and I sometimes feel very underappreciated, but it is also the most rewarding thing I've ever done. That said, my little pretties are growing up and ready to get into a structured environment. Easy, now all I have to do is find a job. Wow, didn't realize that would be so difficult this time around. I find myself driving kids from one place to another, dreaming about that perfect job.
     Thanks Morphmom
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  • Surviving Life's Derails

    Many women are lucky enough to find a profession they are passionate about, and they decide to return to that work immediately after having a child. Continuing to work through morning sickness, fatigue, and time off for doctor’s appointments is just a tutorial for learning the act of balancing work and motherhood before baby’s arrival really takes over. Some women find themselves dealing with issues they never considered experiencing while pregnant or as new mothers. These are issues that can knock a woman right off that balance.Enter Mary Kreis. I have known Mary for more than ten years and consider her one of my closest friends. She’s also a living Wonder Woman. I met Mary in 2002 while I was sidelined from sports due to pregnancy, and was serving as one of the women’s coaches on the US Military Pentathlon team.
    Surviving Life's Derails
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