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  • Morphmom Moments with Arianna Hufffington

    Morphmom Moments radio show with Arianna Huffington as we discuss her latest book- "The Sleep Revolution-Transforming Your Life, One Night At A Time." ... The answer to all of our sleep issues!...The show aired 6-3-16
    Morphmom Moments with Arianna Hufffington
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  • "Everything I Need to Know i Learned at Vogue"

    Latest morphmom Huffington post article:..."Everything I Need to Know I Learned at Vogue"..."Non nobis solum nati sumus."...(Not for ourselves alone are we born.)-- Marcus Tullius Cicero.. One recent afternoon, I sat down in an (ironically) noisy library hallway to interview Maria about her new book, "Everything I Need to Know I Learned at Vogue: How to Get, Keep, and Succeed In That First Job After College," which is currently gracing (and flying off) the shelves at Barnes & Nobles, Amazon and bookstores nationwide. It began as a typical "morphmom" interview: video camera in hand, I sit and chat with mothers from around the country and across the world who graciously share their success stories, and the specific steps they took to achieve their goals, in the hope of inspiring and assisting other women to do likewise.
    "Everything I Need to Know i Learned at Vogue"
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  • Nothing Standing In Our Way!

    "We can truly do whatever it is we want to do. There is nothing standing in our way." -- Gloria SteinemAnother (a)typical morning in the life of a morphmom. Somewhere in the middle of my third hour-long round-trip to my son's school to drop off the third forgotten school item (too much to ask that all three be remembered at the same time), fueled by as many cups of coffee (mostly milk and high-calorie vanilla flavoring, but three'll get the job done) on the heels of a very late, not very productive evening, I'm hit with something that is either a bolt from the blue or sugar shock, but, in any event, produces an epiphany.
    Nothing Standing In Our Way!
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  • All In The Family

    "A happy family is but an earlier heaven." George Bernard Shaw...I'm the oldest - chronologically, at least - of four girls, all born within 6 years of one another. Although my poor father wanted nothing more than a son to sit by his side in the stands at all 82 Yankee home games, he was in fact blessed with three beautiful, strong, athletic "tom boys" - and me. All four of us played every sport on offer growing up. My sisters won the medals; I wore them with a nice blouse. That is, on the rare occasion when I prevailed in our daily wars over stolen blouses, sweaters, earrings and time on the single, beige, rotary, landline, pre-call waiting telephone (its cord stretched to the limit under the door of the closet, a haven of privacy (but for that incessant pounding!)). We were a feisty crew, to be sure. Lots of high drama and abundant hormones.
    All In The Family
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