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  • storage wars: a toy story

    storage wars; a toy story...February 12, 2015...In the past few days, I've been asked by several of my friends who are also moms if I have any solutions for toy storage. The answer is, sort of... As any parent knows, the moment you think you are settling into a solid routine with your baby... bam! The routine changes. It's a constant work-in-progress, an ever-changing, ebbing and flowing experiment. They change and grow, we adapt. They change again. We adapt - again. Repeat cycle.  That's sort of how I feel about toy storage. As our little petit bebe grows and changes, the way we configure and use our living space grows and changes with her... Before Ms.
    storage wars: a toy story
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  • meet lindsay

    meet lindsay...interior decorator, blogger..and of course - mom!... Hi, I'm Lindsay. Wife, mom, interior designer, organizational enthusiast. Pisces swimming in a fishbowl of dreams. Our tiny family unit resides in an equally tiny unit in Brooklyn that we have creatively transformed into a home. Welcome to my little slice of the blogosphere, where I combine my loves of interior design, architecture, fashion, art, travel, photography, writing and mom-hood into one little compact internet collage. Hopefully I can inspire you in the process. I'll show you how you can live large in the small, on an even smaller budget. I draw inspiration from my surroundings and influential people in my life. I find design everywhere and seek peace and beauty always.
    meet lindsay
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