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  • Morphmom Moments with Liam's Room

    An amazing hour with an amazing morphmom-   Lisa McNamara...Co-Founder of Liam's Room... a place of care, love and hope for families caring for a child with a life-threatening illness. 
    Morphmom Moments with Liam's Room
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  • Meet The Morphmoms

    MEET THE MORPHMOMS... Morphmom now has an official blog on the Huffington Post!  I will feature stories of moms that I have interviewed with the hopes of bringing the morphmom movement to a much broader audience!...        Please enjoy the following excerpt from a recent post: Starring our very own Lisa McNamara!... It is 6:57 a.m. The school bus leaves in seven minutes (and the bus stop is a five minute drive). On my way out the door, a pile of mail, untouched for three days, catches my eye. As I wait for my son to come barreling down the stairs in his inimitable way, half-dressed and hollering that we're going to miss the bus, I begin to flip through the local newsmagazine. With half my brain, I register something about a mom and her foundation and make a note-to-self to circle back to it when...
    Meet The Morphmoms
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  • Liam's Room

    CALLING ALL MORPHMOMS... Liam's Room needs your help!... Liam's Room is an amazing non profit organization that provides support to families whose child is faced with a chronic, potentially life limiting illness, by redesigning inpatient hospital rooms to recreate a more home like environment, as well as to educate hospital staff of the proper implementation of pediatric palliative care, which incorporates the total care of a child's body, mind and spirit, as well as gives support to the entire family unit. There are currently two Liam's Rooms in New Jersey.Liam's room is currently in the process of creating comfort bags to give to families staying in the hospital rooms.
    Liam's Room
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