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  • Speaker Spotlight-Solemates

    What's Next?...the non-conference conference...SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT...How do I bring my idea to life?...How do I find a manufacturer and a distributor?...How can I get onto Shark Tank??... Just ask Monica Ferguson and Becca Brown...Co-founders of Solemates and Winners of Shark Tank!...Moderators of our Back to Biz panel...Solemates was created by two girls who hated to ruin their shoes. Becca & Monica met while working at Goldman Sachs as financial analysts.  Each of them spent several years there before going to graduate school at Columbia.  It was at Columbia that the idea for Solemates was born.  The two friends returned to Goldman after Columbia, but ultimately left to launch the brand. They set out to invent a solution that would prevent heels from sinking into the grass.
    Speaker Spotlight-Solemates
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  • The Mix Tour presents:THE MIX TOUR... Coming to a City near you!... Join us...THE MORPHMOM MIX TOUR...MARCH 26...DARIEN EQUINOX...7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m...Cocktails and light bites... Equinox Darien has partnered with Morphmom on their multi-city tour where they bring moms (and dads) together in a casual environment to meet, mingle and connect. Great place for moms to exchange ideas, grow their business and to shop the products and services of other entrepreneurial women!
    The Mix Tour
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  • #morphmommoment

     #morphmommoment contest is underway! Once again- please submit videos depicting a moment in time in the day and the life of a morphmom- most likes win!... Just submit the video to my morphmom Facebook page with a brief title and #morphmommoment...This weeks prize is a beautiful cuff bracelet and a 20% discount off any Yamis and Dawni purchase!... Fellow morphmoms!...Please share this with friends- all are invited to participate!
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  • Stand Up for Yourself!

    I've been recruited as a blogger for reasons unbeknownst to me, by my sister in law, who has just launched  She wants me to start to collect all of my writings and post them...but here's the deal...I've been using facebook as my forum to bitch, moan, giggle, flat out GAFAW, gossip, weep, sob, fume, vent, accuse, deny, call out, embarass, educate, validate, idolize, fantasize, gratify, mortify, sanctify and even crucify my "Issue De Jour" and believe me my pets, there is an issue for every "jour on my infinite and on-going list of "Things That Aren't My Bag", Punctuality continuously hovers at the top. That being cited, I received a call this afternoon,from Owen's 1st grade teacher (no, not protecting her real identity), Mrs. Jones.
    Stand Up for Yourself!
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