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  • Lisa's lense

     Kathleen Smith, the originator of Morph Mom, has got me hooked!!! I tagged along for an interview with my camera in tow and was totally inspired by what I witnessed. Please read on to see a few photos below from my first session and my take on the interview. ...  Egli is a proud mom of a 17 year old cancer survivor and an educator at Christo Rey High School in Harlem New York....      Please read on to see this wonderful woman as I have seen her..She is wicked smart, a dedicated mom,a passionate teacher and has a beautiful smile that lights up the room...     Quotes from Egli: “A friend once told me that while flying I should put on my oxygen mask first, before assisting my child.
    Lisa's lense
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  • Stand Up for Yourself!

    I've been recruited as a blogger for reasons unbeknownst to me, by my sister in law, who has just launched  She wants me to start to collect all of my writings and post them...but here's the deal...I've been using facebook as my forum to bitch, moan, giggle, flat out GAFAW, gossip, weep, sob, fume, vent, accuse, deny, call out, embarass, educate, validate, idolize, fantasize, gratify, mortify, sanctify and even crucify my "Issue De Jour" and believe me my pets, there is an issue for every "jour on my infinite and on-going list of "Things That Aren't My Bag", Punctuality continuously hovers at the top. That being cited, I received a call this afternoon,from Owen's 1st grade teacher (no, not protecting her real identity), Mrs. Jones.
    Stand Up for Yourself!
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