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  • Speaker Spotlight-Lauren Marino

    What's Next?.... the non-conference conference.... How do you write,edit and publish a book?...Just ask ...Lauren Marino-publisher,editor,ghostwriter and most recently- author: JACKIE AND CASSINI: A FASHION LOVE AFFAIR and What Would Dolly Do? How To Be Diamond In A Rhinestone World.(coming 4/24/18) ...AT MORPHMOM'S  "WHAT'S NEXT""NON-CONFERENCE CONFERENCE"...A day of panels- questions and real answers!... Click link to register for the event to get this and many more answers!... beginning her career as a writer and collaborator,  Lauren was Vice President, Editorial Director of Gotham Books where she was the founding editor in 2001, publishing multiple bestsellers in a variety of non-fiction categories.
    Speaker Spotlight-Lauren Marino
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  • Mom's First Children's Book

    Chapter 1: Ruthie awoke one morning to a mysterious noise. She turned to her left and she turned to her right but she could not locate the source. She looked under her bed and up to the ceiling and still could not figure it out. Ruthie finally climbed out of her bed - still wiping the sleep from her big brown eyes – and found her slippers and her glasses.  Then, she started to investigate.But no sooner had she started than Ruthie, still just a little too sleepy, tripped over something fluffy on the floor.  In fact, it was Fluffy, her most favorite stuffed animal, who had recently disappeared. Elated at Fluffy's return, she completely forgot about the mysterious sound that had brought her out of bed in the first place and began playing old familiar Fluffy games.
    Mom's First Children's Book
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