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  • Meet Aidan

    Please enjoy the most recent post by amazing morphmom Aidan Donnelley Rowley from her blog IVY LEAGUE INSECURITIES..."10 Tricks to Become More Present Parents"... How can we get better at being Here?... In April, I kicked off the Here Year, a yearlong tackling of these important (I think) questions. First, I studied presence through the lens of Home. This month, I chose to tackle Parenthood & Presence and decided this venture had a missing piece and invited the wonderful Lindsey Mead to join me in my thinking. And now May is fading. So here I am, messily wrapping things up with few things I’ve learned this month. Not sure whether they are rules or reminders, tools or tips or tricks or merely half-formed thoughts, but they are something and something I’m happy to share.
    Meet Aidan
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