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  • Morphmom Moments Radio Show

    MORPHMOM IS ON THE RADIO!..."MORPHMOM MOMENTS"...TUNE IN THURSDAY NIGHTS FROM 7-8 PM-.CITY WORLD RADIO!...Two amazing women, sister-in-laws, businesswomen, friends, mothers...And now- well-known, luxury jewelry designer and Diamonds Unleashed founder Kara Ross along with Sharon Troth Gaffney are my first Morphmom guests -- airing tomorrow night, Thursday, January 7th, from7-8 pm on my brand new show radio show "Morphmom Moments"These enterprising and beyond inspirational women are presenting the most amazing movement-Diamonds Unleashed! They are empowering women all over the world -- come be a part of the movement with me Thursday night!Click here to listen tomorrow night- scroll down to picture of the microphone - and click listen live! here:http://tunein.
    Morphmom Moments Radio Show
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  • All In The Family

    "A happy family is but an earlier heaven." George Bernard Shaw...I'm the oldest - chronologically, at least - of four girls, all born within 6 years of one another. Although my poor father wanted nothing more than a son to sit by his side in the stands at all 82 Yankee home games, he was in fact blessed with three beautiful, strong, athletic "tom boys" - and me. All four of us played every sport on offer growing up. My sisters won the medals; I wore them with a nice blouse. That is, on the rare occasion when I prevailed in our daily wars over stolen blouses, sweaters, earrings and time on the single, beige, rotary, landline, pre-call waiting telephone (its cord stretched to the limit under the door of the closet, a haven of privacy (but for that incessant pounding!)). We were a feisty crew, to be sure. Lots of high drama and abundant hormones.
    All In The Family
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