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  • Mean Girl Mommies-Part Deux

    Mean Girl MommiesPart Deux...The celebrity scandal scale must have been at an all-time low, as my phone started frantically buzzing. “Have you seen THIS?” my friends asked, as I swiped and expected a link to another Magic Mike XXL trailer. Alas, it wasn’t Channing Tatum’s pecs but an editorial in the New York Times by a former Upper East Sider. In an effort to promote her upcoming book Park Avenue Primates, Wednesday Martin managed to offend every mom-with-a-blog-and-a-luxe-tote as she regaled her Sunday readers with stories of overprivileged families who excluded her brood.
    Mean Girl Mommies-Part Deux
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  • Mean Girl Mommies

    Mean Girl Mommies...Meet the girls who rule the preschool...  We all know it’s been ten years since “Mean Girls” burst onto the screen. We’ve been inundated with tributes in print (New York Times) and online (The Coveteur). And although I appreciate the comparisons to the conniving politicos and fashionable cliques (brilliant, by the way), I think we’ve ignored one of the most prevalent cliques who really rule the school — the mean girl mommies. I’ll admit, I was late to the game. After spending 20 years working in the brutal media trenches, watching out for knife-wielding editors and buyers-are-liars celebrity publicists, I was ill-prepared for what I encountered on the first day of preschool. For it was there, a few steps from the carpool line, that I saw a row of empty booster seats.
    Mean Girl Mommies
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