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  • a few lost toenails-80 miles run

    DAY 1- 40 MILES DOWN- 40 TO GO- VALOR RUN NW... Hey there, day is done!I just did a hasty, unedited synopsis of today. Here goes:Day 1 is complete. What a day full of emotion, love and remembrance. The morning was really emotional. Joining us at the memorial ceremony was Re McClung, Gold Star mother of Major Megan McClung, who was killed in Iraq in 2006. She was loving, generous of spirit and I was so honored to have her with us. Good friend and colleague, David Love, led us in a remembrance of the bravery of our servicewomen, particularly Army LT Ashley White, killed in Afghanistan while serving a member of a Cultural Support Team. Dave highlighted the fact that our fallen women are not victims, but women of strength who answered the call to serve. After the service, we headed out, walking the first mile.
    a few lost toenails-80 miles run
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  • a few lost toenails..120 miles run

    Day 3 is done! O.M.G....Valor Run NW...You may notice my posts are getting done later and later each day. The baths are longer, the dinner more delicious, the route recon for the following day a little more careful and deliberate as I am slightly more tired.How’d it go? Awesomely magical, thanks to friends and family. I have to start with 3am to do it justice. Woke up like one of those women in the Niquil commercial, eyes wide open, thinking the following thought, “Holy makerel, I just passed the half way point. Wait, that means I’m ONLY half way and this is L.O.N.G.” Then I forced myself to give it up to God, reminding myself to continue to pray at every mile, savor every minute and love the sense of comradery and commitment to the fallen. I decided to eat again and I opened up FB. Suddenly, I noticed a message from Matt Denny, 29.
    a few lost toenails..120 miles run
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  • Valor Has No Gendor

    Valor Run NW...Valor Has No Gender..Meet Bridget-who in a just a few short weeks will be running 160 miles in honor of 160 service women who lost their lives to the War on Terror!  Followed by her husband in an RV, and countless supporters along the route, Bridget will run 40 miles a day along the Puget Sound and complete the run in 4 days.  This is nothing short of courageous and life changing- and no doubt Bridget will accomplish her mission!  Through a Go Pro- Bridget will capture the run via video and in turn morphmom will share her journey as she progresses.!  Here is the link to her first video... tuned!
    Valor Has No Gendor
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