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  • My Hero

    In 1943 my grandfather, a radio operator of a B17 , was shot down during a mission over Germany.  The plane exploded but all members of the crew managed to escape.  My grandfather landed in a tree,was injured, but managed to escape at night and attempted to swim to the safety of France.  As he emerged form the murky waters, he was greeted by none other than a Hitler youth who held a gun to his face and smiled as he said…"FOR YOU...the war is over!" My grandfather was taken prisoner and brought to the war camp, famously known as Stalag 17, where he would spend the next two and a half years of his life.Back in the states, in Fair Lawn New Jersey, Jeanne Fleming, a few months pregnant at the time, waited patiently for her husbands safe return home.  Unfortunately, the news she received was as far from that as she could have ever imagined.
    My Hero
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