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Leslie L
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      Leslie L

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      Madison, New Jersey

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      Labor and Employment Attorney on behalf of management for 20 years in NJ, NY and PA before retired to stay home with my children

    • Skill

      all standard legal skills, writing, editing, bookkeeping, all administrative and HR functions,

    • What are you up to?

      Stay home mom looking for work

    • What do you want to do?

      writing, bookkeeping, organizing

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I was a very successful labor and employment lawyer on behalf of management for 20 years when I was able to retire to take care of my two children who needed me much more than the law. It now being five years later, I need to go back to work for mental, emotional and financial reasons but I do not want to reenter the 80 hour a week litigation world I lived in for so long. I would prefer to use my skills assisting a small employer with human resources, administrative, basic employment or bookkeeping needs. I would love something less then 35 hours a week or something where I could work from home at least 2 days a week. I am striving to balance this new career with my home life.

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