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      Pat Krueger

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      Scotch Plains, New Jersey

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      The Prana Group-Partner

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Pat Krueger, RPh, is a peer recognized expert in oncology management, as well as a mentor and strategic resource for emerging leaders in community oncology. She has worked as a Practice Administrator in a Community-Based Oncology setting for the past twenty years. Pat’s mission is to bridge mainstream healthcare with alternative, focusing on patient access to care utilizing financial assistance programs and foundations. Having worked in mainstream medicine for her entire career, stress both in and out of the workplace seemed normal. Realizing the damaging effects of that mindset and lifestyle, Pat recognized the need to shift for change. She began with yoga in 2011, which initiated her transformation into the holistic perspective. In 2014, Pat completed a 200 hour Onyx Vinyasa Yoga training certification. This daily yoga and meditation practice inspired her to introduce an alternative approach to wellness for patients, caregivers, staff, and clinicians. Understanding what it really felt like to “feel good” for the first time in her life, Pat became determined to help others make the shift into true wellness.

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