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      Northeast PA, Pennsylvania

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      Registered Nurse, Certified School Nurse

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      Pediatric Nursing, CPR & AED certified

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      To make a different in the health and lives of children

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I have been a Nurse since 1979. My parents helped put me through Nursing School, and that's the year I graduated. Took my Nursing Boards On July 7th, 1979 and married the love of my life on the 14th! Worked as most nurses do starting out, hospitals and doctor's offices. When the kids started coming along in 1980 and 1982( my 2 sons! the other loves of my life!) Work needed to be part time and many of the career dreams I had were put on hold. One of the part time jobs I worked happened to be as an assistant to the School Nurse at the Elementary School my sons attended, and I quickly fell in love with School Nursing. Unfortunately, as many of you on this site know all too well, our dreams are set aside for those of our spouses and children. So, I continued to work in doctor's offices, and also, helped my husband build a successful small business and put my sons through college. In 2003, we became grandparents and I became a full-time caregiver to my gorgeous granddaughter. Now out of the field of nursing, working full time alongside my husband... life was pretty good. And then my world exploded. In July of 2005, my husband of 26 years died of a heart attack in his sleep. Even though my sons are grown, I find myself as a widow and single mother at 48 years old. What do I do now??? I knew no other life. But after 6 months of devastating grieving, I knew that I was the only one who could take control of how and where my life went. So , in 2006 I enrolled in a program to become a Certified School Nurse (remember that dream?) Certified in 2007, I now work in the field I know I was meant to. As a bonus I work at a premiere camp in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania as a Camp Nurse in the summers and have been working there for 14 years now. In 2011, I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful man and start that journey over again as well. Now a grandmother of two, with another granddaughter on the way, life has turned out to be everything I've always wanted it to be. So, stay positive, follow your dreams, and know that even when it seems like it will be impossible for you to go on and achieve your goals, it is never too late.

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