Meet the morphmoms

My hope is that the stories I’ve heard will resonate with you as they did with me.
— -Kathleen Smith

By morphmom founder Kathleen Smith (pictured)

What is a morphmom? 

Well, I’m one. But this story isn’t about me. It’s about THEM. Maybe you’re one of them. Maybe you’re one and you don’t know it yet. One of an unsung legion of amazing mothers whose members I’m meeting every day and are telling me their stories, some sad, some funny, but all universally inspiring. Stories of how they woke up one day and were called — by choice, by circumstance, by good luck or bad, by a sudden, irresistible impulse — to keep being mothers, but to become something MORE. And of how, unlike so many of us who remain poised at the diving board’s edge, they DID it.  

This journey is about them, about their stories and about how, through them, the question, “what is a morphmom?” answers itself.

I’ll be your sherpa. At times, perhaps, more Lucille Ball than Tenzing Norgay. But I think I’m a qualified guide nonetheless. Because in deciding to chronicle these women’s stories, I took a similar leap of faith myself. Hopefully, my journey documenting their journeys — the ups and downs on the open road, the missed flights, the flat tires, the wardrobe catastrophes and the mayhem on the home front (where three kids were not waiting passively for my return) — might lead one of you to conclude, “If she can do it, anyone can.” But more importantly, my hope is that the stories I’ve heard will resonate with you as they did with me and — whether you’re raring to go with a fully-baked idea, but need a shot in the arm to make it a reality, or are just beginning to cast about for what that idea might be, or have suddenly been dealt an unexpected hand in life and are trying to figure out how to play it — might actually give you the courage, the wherewithal and the guidance to do what you were always meant to do.

For me, the journey began when I sat up one morning and realized that I’d been home now for 14 years. Fourteen years I wouldn’t trade for the entire world, but.... my youngest was now almost in double digits. I actually had some time to myself. I had a minute to breathe (and a second to think!). I realized that I was ready. But ready for what?

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