Lisa's lens

Kathleen Smith, the originator of Morph Mom, has got me hooked!!! I tagged along for an interview with my camera in tow and was totally inspired by what I witnessed. Please read on to see a few photos below from my first session and my take on the interview. ... 


Egli is a proud mom of a 17 year old cancer survivor and an educator at Christo Rey High School in Harlem New York....







Please read on to see this wonderful woman as I have seen her..

She is wicked smart, 

a dedicated mom,

a passionate teacher

 and has a beautiful smile

that lights up the room...






 Quotes from Egli:


“A friend once told me that while flying I should put on my oxygen mask first, before assisting my child."




"The better that I am, the better I can care for my daughter"


“Taking care of myself,

making sure I fulfill my dreams,

spending time to reflect

and having a little fun”




 At the end of the interview Egli showed me pictures of her daughter walking down the runway during fashion week in NYC, her eyes filled up with tears, as did mine…..we all experience that moment of pure love and  happiness witnessing our children’s accomplishments.  




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