You can take her dignity, just don't touch her babysitter....







An award-winning screenwriter teams up with an award-winning director and his...wait for it...award-winning production company!

Jennifer Harrison and LoveBar Productions has joined with Michael Miceli and Jersey Flix Productions. And they're going there.

"Sitter" is a dark comedy that explores the depths of desperation when a harried housewife faces the prospect of losing her babysitter, and the swift kick of karma when she tries to keep it from happening.

Those who have children will cheer with understanding. Those who don't will ramp up their birth control.

Your donations will be put to such good use!

Let's face it, it's 2013: we need to pinch pennies.

"Sitter" is a low-budget production, with very few characters and fewer locales. We have brought on board the most talented professionals who happen to be willing to work for the least amount of money (although we may have to make up for it in foot rubs...).

We've also sweetened the pot for you with some great incentives! The more you give, the more you get, from an on-screen "thank you" to tickets to our premiere party to "Sitter" swag!

We appreciate anything you can give - and we promise to make a really kick-ass movie with it!

Really good dark comedies are few and far between.

Loved "Heathers?" Laughed out loud at "Horrible Bosses?" Thought you might split your pants while watching "After Hours?" Then this film is right up your alley.

WILDsound Screenplay Competition said, "The script is genuinely funny, as it made [us] literally  laugh out loud a few times." And Jersey Flix's film, "Damaged Goods" has won a slew of awards, including landing on the short-list for Oscar nominations!

Plus, our film will be less than 20 minutes! One small step for us, one giant leap for... oh, hell, a giant leap for us. But for film in general, too!

Please spread the word!

Anyone you can direct to this site will help us beyond words. Please put it out on Facebook! Send emails! Call that annoying aunt you've been avoiding! We feverishly want to make our goal (we only pay Indiegogo 4% if we make it, 9% if we don't), so please join us on our mission!!!!

And did we mention we're pretty good at foot rubs...?

Li Wang