Stand Up for Yourself!

I've been recruited as a blogger for reasons unbeknownst to me, by my sister in law, who has just launched  She wants me to start to collect all of my writings and post them...but here's the deal...I've been using facebook as my forum to bitch, moan, giggle, flat out GAFAW, gossip, weep, sob, fume, vent, accuse, deny, call out, embarass, educate, validate, idolize, fantasize, gratify, mortify, sanctify and even crucify my "Issue De Jour" and believe me my pets, there is an issue for every "jour on my infinite and on-going list of "Things That Aren't My Bag", Punctuality continuously hovers at the top. That being cited, I received a call this afternoon,from Owen's 1st grade teacher (no, not protecting her real identity), Mrs. Jones. Since the beginning of the school year, my 7 year old has been racking up the Tardy points at school like a senior citizen playing shuffleboard on a cruise ship.  Morning after morning, Jonsey (Owen's pet name for her) has never missed an opportunity to make some snide remark when he walks into the classroom late. I know this because he tells me. He won't let it roll off his back even when I tell him it's my fault, not his.

Well, today must have been the straw that broke my wee camel's back.  Tardy once again, Owen apparently walked into the classroom between Jonsey at the chalkboard,and the front row of desks...head down, eyes on the floor, not breaking his stride...he held up his right hand in her general direction and muttered, "Save it."
Not sure what Jonsey wanted my response to be in light of the allegations, but what she got was an earful of stifled giggles.
Here's to the "We're Not Gonna Take It" mindset. Rock on Little Man, rock on.

Li Wang