Liam's room



 Liam's Room needs your help!...

Liam's Room is an amazing non profit organization that provides support to families whose child is faced with a chronic, potentially life limiting illness, by redesigning inpatient hospital rooms to recreate a more home like environment, as well as to educate hospital staff of the proper implementation of pediatric palliative care, which incorporates the total care of a child's body, mind and spirit, as well as gives support to the entire family unit.

There are currently two Liam's Rooms in New Jersey.

Liam's room is currently in the process of creating comfort bags to give to families staying in the hospital rooms. They are asking all morphmoms to rack their mental Rolodex to see if they know anyone who may want to donate goods for the bags, contribute funds to purchase specific items for the bags or the bags themselves!.

Basically, the bag will consist of:
a duffel or small back pack with our logo
a fleece blanket
an insulated coffee mug
a notebook and pen
a folder with Liam's Room info. and additional resource info.
toiletry bag and toiletries (comb, shampoo, soap, deodorant, flip flops, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)

If you are interested , please contact Liam's Room:

Li Wang