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Lisa's lense V


              Donna Moffly...

Writer, editor, people person, cat lover, Grandmother of nine….




Donna is confident, happy, vibrant, sharp as a tack, inquisitive, and thrives on meeting new people. She is the Editorial Advisor and co founder of Moffly Media, along with her husband, Jack.

 Moffly Media publishes five local town magazines, one of them being the renowned Greenwich Magazine..


For Donna’s generation she was ahead of her time; she was able to achieve a balance between motherhood and work.  Her father encouraged her to become self-sufficient, and her husband supported her intellectual pursuits, thereby helping her establish a fulfilling career as a writer, mother and former editor/owner of Greenwich magazine. As Donna’s story unfolds, I am struck by the familiarity of her plight.  In the midst of raising her kids, she began to feel sad and incomplete. She sought help from a therapist who advised her to get a job and find a way to stimulate her mind.  A career in writing became the answer she was searching for. Her advice today to young moms is that networking is more important than what you learned in school, or where you attended college.


So glad to have met her and all I can say is,  “Wow!” No wonder Donna says this the happiest period of her life. 

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Want to learn more?  For more inspiration, watch Donna's video below!

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