All in a day's work


Well HELLO again to all you perfectly perfect, impeccably dressed, fresh from the salon haired, professionally done make-upped Mommies that I always seem to run into at the supermarket when I'm looking my worst!  It's me, Sue! You know, the wrath of god look alike with the sweats and baseball cap? So yeah...about today. I'm well aware that you noticed me (and not because I was selected to receive a Regis and Kathy Lee Make Over).
I've finally made peace with the fact that I'm (cringe, wince) NOT 35 anymore...ok, nor do I fit into the age group of 36-44. At 45, I've learned to embrace my 1.75 drugstore cheater specs. I marvel at the super absorbancy of my wafer-thin pads which allow me 60+ minutes of "dry" Tae Bo.  And hey, how 'bout that Clairol Root Touch-Up Kit???
Welp, recently I added another gem to my Fountain of Youth Fun Box. A headlamp. Yep, that wacky, 3 setting (red, blinking, steady)  sphere attached to the adjustable elastic strap. I can't begin to describe it's handiness in my day to day chores around the house.  Today was no exception.
I noticed that the built-in soap dispenser on my sink was out of soap. Ready to take on the task of refilling it (which requires going under the sink...a very dark place), I strapped on my headlamp. As I reached for the big refill soap bottle, I remembered I had thrown it away a month a go because it was empty.  No worries, I hopped in the car and headed to the store.  
Usually, I try not to make eye-contact with people in the store,  because I'll inevitably run into someone I know and a 5 minute shop becomes a 30 minute excursion because, well, I love to chat. Today I threw caution to the wind. I was going to get my soap and get out. As I walked toward my intended aisle, I couldn't help noticing the many glances thrown in my general direction. They'd meet my eyes for a nano- second, and then look down or sideways or up or behind them...eventually making a break for any aisle where I wasn't.
At the checkout counter, I was graciously greeted by my checker. "Find everything you needed?" he asked looking down at his hands. "Um, yep. Just this (holding up the bottle of hand soap)." He took my 20 dollar bill and diligently (I say this because he was concentrating really hard on his cash drawer) and gave me my change.
At home, my lab Lucy was at the door. I gave her a pat, and headed over to the kitchen. She ran ahead of me in a frenzied, tail-wagging state looking back at me every 2 seconds. I noticed that everywhere I turned, she would leap in front of me and get down into a ready to pounce position. 
Eager to resume my task I went to put my headlamp back on. Where was it? I couldn't quite remember where I'd taken it off, but it surely wasn't far from the sink. I turned to the left and was met with a blinding glare reflecting back at me from the microwave. Ah. There it was. Strapped to my head blazing bright as the sun.  

lisa berkery