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Suzann Bresler Goldstein,

Founder, The Valerie Fund...


Smart, beautiful, full of life, resilient, fiercely motivated, and most of all inspiring.


Her life story is a roller coaster ride of tragedy and resilience.

Sue Goldstein is a writer.

She is  mother of two girls who have passed away from cancer.

She keeps a tennis ball on her desk to remind her that she is like the tennis ball that bounces back.



As Sue’s story unfolds, there are tears in her eyes, but mostly there is a fierce determination to tell her story about her two girls.  As I listen to her life’s journey unfold there is a smile on her face and laughter that is contagious.  She tells me that to cope with all the losses, “she chooses to remember the moments in between”.


She has chosen life; she has chosen to remember her girls by helping other moms faced with cancer’s challenges. 


We all face setbacks in our lives, we can lie down and be defeated or we can take action as Sue did and create a better life, while always remembering our loved ones.


Sue says with a smile on her face….. “that my girls are right next to me, they are in my heart”. 


heck out her two books to be published soon, 


And cancer foundations 

That she has started in memory of Valerie and Stacey;


Stacey Goldstein Breast Cancer Center html

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