Letters From Ladytown


Once upon a time, we all lived in a world of handwritten letters: creamy stationery, crisp envelopes, vivid ink. We took the time to put our thoughts down on paper, and tell our story in longhand. We would mail these little pieces of our everyday lives, wait for them to arrive and then wait in anticipation for a response. Letters from Ladytown hopes to integrate the essence of this lost art with how we live now. Simple really, but powerful we think. So much can happen if we slow down, quiet the chatter in our heads and listen to that small still voice that never fails us. Here at Letters from Ladytown, we are committing to taking the time to do this four times a year: spring, summer, autumn, winter. We are – literally – writing letters to each other to document what surfaces during those moments of silent introspection. We will share our journey of setting a personal intention for the season and then by bearing witness to our struggles and our successes. We are hoping this mindfulness will shift our focus from the details of what we do, to how and why we are doing it. This widening of the lens pushes past the images, the veneer and the window dressing and really exposes the heart, the structure and the bones of it all, ultimately revealing our true intentions behind our actions. We are chose to begin this Spring: Lady Day. March 25, 2013. Up until 1752 in England this day was considered the beginning of the new year. This blog has been in the planning stages for a long time, but we took the serendipitous discovery of Lady Day as a sign to start writing and to start a community. Letters from Ladytown began as the idea of one person, Andrea. She may disagree and say it was Sheila’s idea. It doesn’t matter. It started with one person and then became two. The two have doubled again and now have become four. We hope this exponential growth continues. Stay awhile and linger around Ladytown. You will find a few letters posted every Monday, some biographical information about each of us, and also an invitation for you to become a part this community. It is as simple as finding the time, getting quiet and writing a letter. Click here for more information. We would love to hear from you.



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