Mom's First Children's Book

Ruthie awoke one morning to a mysterious noise. She turned to her left and she turned to her right but she could not locate the source. She looked under her bed and up to the ceiling and still could not figure it out. Ruthie finally climbed out of her bed - still wiping the sleep from her big brown eyes – and found her slippers and her glasses.  Then, she started to investigate.

But no sooner had she started than Ruthie, still just a little too sleepy, tripped over something fluffy on the floor.  In fact, it was Fluffy, her most favorite stuffed animal, who had recently disappeared. Elated at Fluffy's return, she completely forgot about the mysterious sound that had brought her out of bed in the first place and began playing old familiar Fluffy games. 

But a few minutes later, there was that sound again – only louder. As Ruthie reached her bedroom door, she realized that the sound was coming from the hallway. And in the hallway, she noticed a curious tiny hole in the wall. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Chapter 2:

As Ruthie approached the curious tiny hole the in wall, she spied the source of the mysterious sound.  To her great surprise, a teeny-tiny mouse was standing in the curious tiny hole.  And, upon closer investigation, she discovered that this adorable teeny-tiny mouse was crying.  That was the mysterious sound!

Ruthie just had to know what could possibly have made this teeny-tiny creature so sad, but didn't want to frighten him away.  So she came up with a plan. 

First, she ran to get a piece of tissue paper. Next, she found a thimble and filled it with water. Finally, she slowly approached the teeny-tiny mouse and asked, in her kindest, softest voice, "Why you poor dear, what could ever make a teeny-tiny fellow like you so sad? Oh, and please forgive me for being so rude.   Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ruthie. And who are you?"

After a few puffs into the tissue, which he cautiously but gratefully accepted, and a teeny-tiny sip of water, the teeny-tiny mouse replied, “I am Max and I can't thank you enough."  And with that, Max blew his teeny-tiny little nose with all of his mouse's might.  HONNNNK!!!

Ruthie chuckled, amazed that such a teeny-tiny mouse was capable of such a GIGANTIC noise! Max continued, "I am so sad because I just don't know what to do. You see I live here in my – I mean your - house with my parents and my little brother, Matty. My father is in bed with a terrible cold and it is my job to get the food for tonight's dinner from the kitchen." 

"Why you silly one!" replied Ruthie, "That is not a problem at all, I will run to the kitchen and get you whatever you need."

But to Ruthie's great surprise, teeny-tiny Max looked up at those wonderful brown eyes and began to cry again. "Why Max, what have I done?" said Ruthie. 

"Nothing my dear Ruthie," Max responded between sobs, "but you are such a wonderful person and I have a GIGANTIC problem.  You see, you are very kind to help me tonight, but tomorrow morning and the day after, and every day after that, I will have the same problem.  Charlie, your cat.  I know you love him, and I'm sure he loves you.  But cats don't care for mice. Not one teeny-tiny bit!"

Chapter 3: 

  "Hmmmm", Ruthie said with her finger to her lips, her right eyebrow curved and her left foot tapping. She thought and she thought.  Then she thought some more.  Suddenly, she jumped into the air and shouted excitedly, "I've got it!”  Poor Max was so startled that he did a back somersault and landed flat on his back.  When he finally recovered, he dusted himself off and excitedly asked Ruthie what in the world she was talking about.

"Well, my great-grandmother Gertie taught me a game when I was a teeny-tiny girl called I Like You! She said it was the perfect answer to any problem and my great grandmother was never wrong." 

Max replied, “Please Ruthie, tell me about the game, if it can solve any problem then it is sure to solve mine!" Ruthie laughed, knelt down, tickled Max's teeny-tiny left ear and said "Yes, I do believe that's true.  We must get to work right away!"


lisa berkery