Time to Rescue Your Closet!...

OK, here we go. This is our first foray into Blogdom. You may ask, what makes you two special? Why would we want to follow you? You’re not especially great writers, or particularly intelligent! I will tell you why! We are two women in our 40’s with style or at least our friends tell us that. 

My partner Jane and I started a little business a few years ago called SOS (Schelling O’Connell Services) with a domain name Rescue Your Closet. Now listen, we aren’t very computer savvy, can’t really even tell you what a domain is but we can help you with your wardrobe. We decided to give blogging a shot to give other women in their 40’s some styling incentive. Jane and I love to read the fashion magazines, troll the malls and scour the Internet for great designers. My husband can tell you I have been known to search the Internet for hours looking for a dress for a friend for a wedding or cocktail party. I suppose it’s the thrill of the hunt!

I wish I could I say I have a background in fashion (I was a publicist at Disney) because I don’t. Lucky for me, my partner Jane was once the fashion director at Town & Country so that gives us some street cred.


Do we wish were Olivia Palermo? Of course we do, but we are not. We can show you how to style yourselves like an older version of Olivia. Maybe….


Jane and I can show you how to put pieces together. We can show you how to choose accessories, shoes or clothing that will be forever pieces. We will post things that we love some may be reasonable some not, but we’re not breaking the bank. We are two regular moms, who love fashion. come follow us and see what we’re about! Remember, if you send out an SOS we’re here to Rescue your Closet! Cheesey yes but you won’t forget it!



Jane & Nicole

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