We wanted to design a shoe collection that inspires creativity and individuality… Shoes that could go from stiletto to wedge and everything in between. A shoe that could instantly change from a black suede bootie to a pink patent peep toe, and while we're at it why not a studded strappy sandal? Oh! And we wanted them to be totally affordable - shoes every girl could own. Can we design these dream shoes? It's impossible, right? "Impossible only means you haven’t found the solution yet."


It begins now. Join us as we re-create the world of shoes, re-define the world of girls-and revolutionize your closet- ONE CLIQUE at a time. YOU can make a difference - Like us. Follow us. Come this November, every time you shop with us a portion of your sale will be donated to Kind Campaign. You can even win a spot in our Sole Sister Launch Campaign and spend the day with ONE CLIQUE's Sole Sisters - Hollywood’s Kindest celebrities



YOU will have a chance to win a spot in our Sole Sister Launch Campaign!

Here’s the deal - it’s simple. Design a shoe on our site, get your girlfriends to “love it” and you could end up winning a trip to NYC! Photo shoot anyone? Our winners will spend the day getting pampered by a few of the industry’s hottest stylists and be photographed in our Sole Sister Launch Campaign wearing the shoes they designed! Did we mention our winners will be photographed WITH our Sole Sisters? (Oh and spend the day with them too!)

Q&A: What are Sole Sisters?
They are influential young women in Hollywood who are super stylish, very KIND and happen to love ONE CLIQUE! They believe acts of cruelty among girls have to stop and want to help.

YOU. NYC. Photo shoot. Celebs. Oh! And you'll also be attending an amazing event! You will have an exclusive invite to ONE CLIQUE’s Launch Party! No need to pinch yourself. It’s all true. And it could be you!

Contest will launch July 1st.

lisa berkery