Morphmom Moments with Ann Shoket and Dee Dee DeBartlo

If you missed the morphmom radio show with Ann Shokey - author of The Big Life- and Dee Dee DeBartlo -Owner and President of DeBartlo & Co. Book Publicity & Marketing- no worries it is now up on our Itunes Podcast!... 

Former Editor-In-Chief of Seventeen Magazine
Ann Shoket has been a key architect in shaping the national conversation about and for millennial women. Her mission is to help young women feel so confident that they can walk into any room and own it. She is the author of "Millennial Thought Leader" as well. Ann is a regular on various television shows including Good Morning America, The View and CNN and a guest judge for four seasons on America's Next Top Model. Forbes has named her one of the "Most Powerful Fashion Magazine Editors" in the country!

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