Next Up-Oct 23rd NYC Conference


Morphmom Presents: NextUp..the non conference

Panels of amazing women with the answers we need!

Have a hobby? Something you love to do? How do you take that to the next step?

We have the answers!-"Your Passion Is Calling"

Have an idea for a business?  How do you find a logo? A website? PR?

We have the answers!-"The Starter Kit"

Have a business plan or idea and you are ready to take it the next step but not sure how to begin?

We have the answers! -"The Next Step"

If something were to happen today and you had to have all of your financial and personal matters in order-a file with everything you need- would you be prepared?

We have the answers!"Ready For Anything"

What are the secrets to navigating metabolism, menopause, aging and everything else that comes along with that?

We have the answers! "3M's-metabolism, menopause, mindfulness"

Join us on October 23rd!

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lisa berkery