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Create Your Next Chapter!

Updated: May 12

Nina Sossamon-Pogue

Best-Selling Author & Speaker & Podcast Host & Former Award Winning TV Anchor

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Nina Sossamon-Pogue is an inspirational leader, best-selling author, and podcast host, dedicated to helping individuals and companies create successful next chapters. Nina was a member of the USA Gymnastics team and then became an award-winning journalist and Emmy-award winning television news anchor. Nina left TV for Tech and spent 12 years on the leadership team of a technology company during its hyper-growth expansion and highly successful IPO. Her successes are only part of her story. Nina’s ability to regroup and find new levels of success after major failures and devastating plot twists in her life are her real accomplishments. Her ability to adapt in a positive way each time her life took a turn, lead to her research on resilience, specifically, why some people thrive while others struggle with change.

An expert on Resilience, Nina uses her story as a backdrop to show how the highs and lows in each person’s story create a lifetime of learning and new strength. She takes audiences on a journey into the book of their own life and gives them tools to create success in their chapters ahead. Her first book, This is Not The End: Strategies to Get You Through the Worst Chapters of Your Life (2019 Morgan James Publishing) offers readers strategies to handle life’s most difficult challenges and control their own destiny. Nina is also the host of the podcast “This Seriously Sucks, the Right Podcast When Life Goes Seriously Wrong”.

Nina sits on several non-profit boards and is an Executive Advisor with the Alzheimer Association. Nina has lived a very public life highlighted by her ability to connect and encourage people. As a gymnast Nina was named Miss Congeniality at the USA Gymnastics Championships, and in during her television career she was voted Charleston’s Favorite News Anchor for 10 consecutive years. Nina was also named a ‘Woman of Distinction’ by the state of South Carolina.

Nina and her husband Ben have three adult children who are recent college graduates. Nina lives in Charleston, South Carolina and speaks throughout the United States, inspiring audiences to think of their future in new ways.

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