Dream Big

I recently attended a Morphmom conference and I was inspired, impressed…and a little annoyed.

Here are women accomplishing great things, and while I know I have IT inside me I don’t quite know what IT is! I admire these women and feel a touch envious thinking “Wow…she actually found her thing and then did it…but…how could I?” I am running around like a nut as it is. I feel a bit scatterbrained, technologically inept and SO BUSY…so how would I find the time? And more importantly what exactly would I do with that time?

My oldest is a junior in high school and truth be told, I don’t want to work full time while my kids are home. I want to be around as much as I can while these school years whiz by. I have been freelancing a bit over the years and do love advocating and consulting for Beautycounter, but I long for something else, something that is mine.

I want to write, but I don’t schedule the time. I want to exercise but don’t as often as I should…I’d like to meditate, do yoga, have a perfectly organized house, be financially fit and cook wonderful healthy organic meals every night (that we of course eat together as a family rather than running in a million different directions) but…sometimes it just feels like too much, and with three kids and two dogs (one who is VERY high-maintenance) and a husband and a household and doctors appts etc to keep on top of, there always seems to be a fire to put out and that my dreams can wait (wait, what’s my dream again?)…Did I mention that I also am a serial volunteer? Ask me to do your shit and I will happily agree – again putting myself on hold…

So this week I am trying to shift my perspective and I hope that it (or some part of it) sticks…I try to remember that the morphmoms I met at the conference aren’t so different than me in ability and smarts – only in the fact that they actually took action! So I am going to try to take baby steps to schedule my time more wisely, prioritize what is meaningful to me and my family and start saying no to the rest…

xo, Breene

Stay tuned! And if you would like to share your own morphmom journey please submit your essays to breene@morphmom.com. I’d love to hear from you!

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