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It's All About Tradition

Ann Williams

CEO & Founder of Yearly Co.

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Sixty years ago Ann’s grandfather, Stewart Simonson, gave her grandmother, Mary Jane, a simple 14k gold bangle to commemorate their wedding anniversary. After Mary Jane passed, Stewart gifted her bangles to their children for them to continue the custom into their own marriages. Thus, a meaningful and lasting tradition was created.

In order to continue the tradition, Ann took a metal working class at her alma mater, Vanderbilt University. She was fascinated by the skill and science involved in metalsmithing and soon founded Yearly Co. Ann began working out of her garage studio creating each and every piece by hand to carry on a piece of her family’s tradition, which in time, grew to the enormous company that it is today.

Every Yearly Co. piece is designed and crafted in-house in Nashville, Tennessee. All of the materials are ethically sourced from suppliers who focus on sustainable practices. @yearlycompany

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