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1) Think about what you want/need. Maybe downsizing is the right option for you. But maybe it’s not. A lot of Millennial children are living at home after they graduate from college until they get their footing. Some people don’t want to unload the big house with the yard and the pool just because the kids are gone. I have encountered many couples who want to keep the large home and property for the family and extended family to all have a place to come to. If downsizing is what you have in mind, it’s important to decide on a location/town that appeals to you; maybe you don’t need to be near that train line for the commute into NYC anymore. Maybe you crave more tranquility, peace and quiet. Once you have narrowed down a neighborhood (or perhaps you’re moving out of state), it’s time to get to work. Finding a realtor who can help market and list your home and find you a new home to move into can be a daunting task.  Ask friends who they used and if they would recommend them; finding the right realtor is imperative and different people have different styles.  It’s important that you find someone who will be dedicated, transparent and tenacious in their efforts to sell your home and find you a new one.

2)  Time to “juuujge" and de-clutterTurn that unused bedroom into an relaxing spot or workshop where you can brush off your skills that you haven’t used in years (did you used to love to paint but haven’t in years)? Maybe you turn a spare room into a larger walk-in closet? Buy a portable scanner and put it to use: Take this opportunity to organize pictures into albums or scan into your computer and make picture album books. It’s also time to unload mountains of paperwork. If it’s important, scan it and save it - if you haven’t needed the papers in years, shred and watch the space open up. Time to organize the kids stuff for them to take to their own homes. Give your kids the opportunity to take things from their childhood that have remained in the home or to toss what they don’t; either way- it can’t stay with you. Maybe you have doubles of items you can give to your children or grandchildren who now live on their own. (kitchen utensils, beds, couches). 3) Once you have decluttered and purged, maybe it’s time for you to redecorate. If downsizing or moving geographically isn’t the right next step for you, maybe your home could use a nice facelift. If a move is eventually coming but you still want to enjoy your home, you will see a huge return on your investment if you do some updating. Millennial buyers today tend to want to do less and less when it comes to renovations when they buy their first home. It’s a catch 22 really; Older “empty nesters” don’t feel like putting money into renovations when they feel they’re ready to sell and so they will often have to reduce the sale price of their homes significantly to placate the newer crop of buyers who want something updated and move-in ready. Simple updates to paint colors and fixture updates won’t break the bank but sometimes bigger renovations are necessary. Refinising hardwood floors, kitchen and bathroom updates and tending to the landscaping will all yield a beneficial result- give buyers what they want and getting you a higher asking price when it comes time to sell.  Putting money into renovations before you feel it’s time for you to move is never a waste- you will reap the benefits of enjoying those new, updated countertops you’ve always wanted and on the flip side, when you are ready to sell, it’s one less thing you’ll have to do and one more “plus” in the positive column for the buyers who will be looking at your home.  4) If a renovation or facelift isn’t going to cut it and you are ready to trade the big house for something more manageable and sensible, it’s time for a move. That’s where I come in! I will listen to your needs and wants, we will craft a wish list with all the criteria for your next abode and the search begins. Understanding the local markets is imperative and you need to work with a realtor who understands the things you’ll be giving up and in turn will find you what will suit you best in this next phase of life.

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