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The Hidden Treasure of Confidence

Amy Schmidt

Speaker & Author & TV Host

Founder of Fearlessly Facing Fifty

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Amy Schmidt is an award winning podcaster, best-selling author, public speaker, TEDx Speaker, and founder of the brand, Fearlessly Facing FiftyTM and Co-Founder, Better Than Gossip. She launched her business and brand six months before turning 50. Her mission is to encourage women over forty to push fear aside and find that hidden treasure of confidence. Amy is committed to challenging the narrative at midlife from crisis to opportunity. With the launch of Better Than Gossip podcast and streaming show, in March, 2022, she is passionate about sharing cross generational information... sharing ageless advice for timeless women. Amy’s weekly podcasts have an audience that continues to grow at record speeds reaching thousands every week. Amy uses her personal storytelling and authentic self to empower women to take charge of their life in the middle, at a time when women can begin to feel invisible. Amy’s podcasts inspire women to step outside their comfort zones, and is as approachable and genuine as what you read in her book or talking with her after a keynote. Amy offers a variety of workshops on The Power of Mentorship, Intro to podcasting, and Cannonballing with confidence. She is a regular contributor to national shows everywhere and speaks her message on stages around the world. She is a regular contributor on numerous syndicated talk shows, and loves sharing her story to inspire others. Most recently she is living life as an empty nester, and shares her tips to not only survive but THRIVE at this stage of life. Amy loves to connect with her followers and encourages emails to @Amy.K.Schmidt

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