“The Nights Before Christmas” - A Morphmom’s Tale

“The Nights Before Christmas” - A Morphmom’s Tale By Beth Abramson Brier

There are any  number of things to be scared of right now (don’t get me started - it’s the holidays) but the zombie apocalypse is not one of them.  Those aren’t the walking dead you see pushing the cart through the slushy parking lot at Target- it’s just moms.  Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa- they are exhausting.  It’s not only the shopping but decking the halls, wrapping the presents, schlepping the tree, keeping the dog from eating the dreidels, mailing the cards, and reproducing Martha Stewart‘s buche de Noel.  Ask any mom what she really wants for Christmas and she will probably tell you “ a good night’s sleep”.  

So what does a mom’s vision of sugarplums look like?  Here are the top 10 things compiled in a list  I like to call “Good In Bed”.  (Spoiler alert:  it’s not what you read in “Cosmo” when you were twenty and sleeping on a futon.)

“Good in Bed“ - according to a MorphMom

10. When the cat snuggles behind you knees and settles in.

9.  When your grown children text to say they arrived back in their apartments safely.

8. When your husband reaches for your hand in the middle of the night without a word.

7. When you have insomnia and then turn on the TV to find an Elvis movie marathon.

6. When it’s cold and snowy outside and you realize tomorrow is Sunday.

5. When the weighted blanket you ordered from Amazon arrived that morning.

4. When you wake up but fall back to sleep right away because -for once- you didn’t need to go to the bathroom.

3. When you finally learn to use the “Do Not Disturb” feature on you iPhone.

2. When- again, for once- your body temperature is not either too hot nor too cold .

And, finally, remaining in number one after all these years:

1.  Oh yeah.  “That”;)  

Merry and Happy to all.  And to all A GOOD NIGHT!

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