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Morphmom is a community of women who are in all different phases of discovering their next step.  Many members are dealing with similar challenges at this pivotal moment in life, and this is where Morphmom steps in and provides invaluable guidance through their vast array of programming and experts. Morphmom is a library of possible opportunities --  a built in support system for women about to embark on this journey. We provide both general and specific tools to help women through this process. Visit our website where we share stories from women across the nation. Attend a conference and be inspired by our wide array of influential speakers. Sign up for a “Next Step” class and rediscover what excites you, and then focus on you in a small group setting. Listen to our live weekly radio show and  iTunes podcast, "Morphmom Moments”. Read our many Huffington Post articles documenting these stories. And,  join The Club, our 24/7 members-only subscription-based community with monthly live interactive videos, interviews, original and curated content, recommended partners and service providers, work and volunteer opportunities, and a private Facebook group allowing constant access to a community that will join you on this exciting new journey!

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Kathleen Butler Smith founder of Morphmom

Kathleen Butler Smith

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