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Reinvent yourself. Define your future.
Morphmom next Step Classes

The Next Step Virtual Class  

We started this class because we heard over and over again, "My kids are grown or almost grown. What will I do next?"


We can become so concerned with our family's needs that we may lose sight of what is important to us.  This class is designed to jumpstart your thinking. It helps you remember what makes your heart race and gives you a concrete plan to take that “next step.” It allows you to rediscover your passion - what you like to do for you!


Whether you’re dropping your child at full-day kindergarten, taking your teen to college, are in desperate need of a career change, looking at new volunteer opportunities, or simple self-fulfillment, our Next Step class works!

By connecting with other women, we will empower each other and ourselves to take that "Next Step"!

What can you expect?

  • This class is designed  to jumpstart your creative thinking

  • We help you remember what makes your heart race

  • We are a safe place to share your ideas

  • We ask the questions

  • We listen to your answers

  • You will leave with concrete ideas of what your next step should be

  • You will establish a brand new network of like-minded women (monthly meetings)

How it works

Step 1: The Power of "WE"


  • We will guide you on a zoom session through our program. 

  • Each class is a small group session, so there will be plenty of time to be heard.

  • We give you a supported and safe place to rediscover you.

  • There are no wrong answers and it is a casual and relaxed atmosphere

  • There will be time to network with your cohort, to share experiences, challenges and hopes

  • You will receive some preliminary guidelines on resume writing, interviewing  skills and networking techniques


Step 2: The Power of "ME"

Following Step 1’s group session, you will have the ability to engage in an hour-long one-on-one session with our very own “Next Step” specialist. Together, you will review your unique “Next Step” plan, which could include creating a resume, job or volunteer opportunity searching and networking techniques. You can purchase this additional one-hour session in a discounted package, or purchase after you complete Step 1.



Virtual Zoom Class



Each session is 90 minutes


  • $249 - 90 minute classes

  • $250 - private 60 minute class

  • $449 for the "Bundle" ( combined 90 minute class and a 60 minute one on one)


Refund up to 7 days in advance


"What I enjoyed most about the class was the supportive and encouraging environment.  You and Kathleen made it so easy and comfortable to be open and share ideas.  I felt totally supported sharing my thoughts and it made me feel that there’s nothing holding me back from taking the first step!"

-Sara V.

"Before the class I was in "exploration and indecisive" mode.  Now I am given the insight and applicable strategies from the results that are very helpful."

-Rexy B.

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