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How to Write a Business Plan

 Just ask Shark Tank Winner and Co-Founder of Solemates, Monica Ferguson…

  1. Create an Executive Summary

  2. Write a Company Description

  3. Market Analysis - Research your industry, market and competitors​​

    • SWOT Analysis - strengths, weaknesses, opportunity, threat​

    • competitors, geographic boundaries, types of customers you sell to, existing distribution channels, demographic data, market trends

  4. Determine your business and management structure - LLC vs. C Corp (consult an attorney)

  5. List the products or services that you are offering

  6. Describe your business marketing and sales strategy​

    • What is your sales and distribution setup, what geographic area do you sell to, 

    • branded website vs. marketplace vs. brick and mortar

    • Describe your audience-population, demographics, income levels

  7. Identify your funding request-how much money will you need for 3-5 years

  8. Detail your financial projections - revenue +COGS

  9. Create an appendix that includes resumes and permits (optional)

  10. Consider hiring a professional or utilize internet resources to streamline your plan.


Contact Monica Ferguson for help thinking through an idea, for guidance through the strategic process to help you execute your vision



Favorite Things about Nantucket

  • The beach!  Any and all !!

  • Millie's at sunset

  • Jetties on the Beach

  • Cisco Brewery

  • Lola

  • Summer House

  • Brotherhood

  • Straight Wharf

  • Cru

  • Drive on the beach at Great Pointe

Favorite Things about Nantucket

  • The beach!  Any and all !!

  • Millie's at sunset

  • Jetties on the Beach

  • Cisco Brewery

  • Lola

  • Summer House

  • Brotherhood

  • Straight Wharf

  • Cru

  • Drive on the beach at Great Pointe

What We Are Listening To

Morphmoms are the best at multi-tasking – it’s pretty much a constant in our lives. So why not add a task to your list that you actually enjoy? Do you have a phone and some sort of head phones, then you are all set! Whether is is a book or a podcast, let’s get started! This week, we are going to give your our favorite podcasts to listen to while, of course, you are also doing something else! 

  • OFF THE GRAM –https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/off-the-gram/id1494608415 - Our favorite hosts, Jamie, Heidi, Christine, and Meaghan share their lives on social media with a combined quarter of a million followers each day. They are  here to help you live your best life, channel your inner girlboss, and navigate the ever changing landscapes of wellness & social media. Each week we’ll be joined by a special guest to take a deep dive into a hot topic. We’re going to speak with fashion designers, celebrity trainers, CEO’s, and all kinds of bad-ass women! Just like you!

  • The Shrink Next Door -https://podcasts.apple.com/podcast/id1459899275-This is the story of a doctor/patient relationship that lasts over 3 decades but goes all wrong; a psychiatrist allegedly uses power and control to manipulate his patients for his own personal gain, including a prominent New Yorker who happens to live next door to the writer of this podcast. You will not believe this saga, but yes it really happened! 

  • In the Dark (2ndseason) - https://www.apmreports.org/in-the-dark- I’ll admit, this is very long, but well worth it. This podcast explores the legal odyssey of Curtiss Flowers, who was accused of shooting four people outside a furniture store in Mississippi in 1996. He has been tried six times but the case is still not over! The details about the criminal process in this Southern town and the potential of prosecutorial abuse is truly astounding. 

  • Second Life - https://www.secondlifepod.com- Delightful interviews by Hillary Kerr, co-founder of Who What Wear, with women (morphmoms really!) who have made major career changes and are thriving! This is one episode at a time, so no major time commitment. 

  • The Gladiator https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/gladiator-aaron-hernandez-and-football-inc/id1437935588 - This podcast comes from The Boston Globe’s Spotlight team that investigated the sexual abuse case inside the Catholic Church. Now this team takes a deep look into the life of Aaron Hernandez and his terrible crimes. This podcast not only looks into Hernandez’ troubling life, but also asks questions about football and the possible part that it played in how his life unraveled, including the part that CTE may have played. Whether or not you are a football fan, this is worth listening to, but be prepared to be unsettled. 

  • The Daily - https://www.nytimes.com/column/the-daily- A 5 day a week, 20 minute podcast that goes into depth about one particular news story. A great listen while driving to work or after a school drop off. Hosted by New York Times journalist, Michael Barbaro, the podcast is based on interviews by Times reporters and is a perfect way to learn more about some of the most current and prominent news stories; great conversational tone and easy to listen to. 

 8 Ways to Give Back 

  1. January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month - Donate gift cards to those in need. Info: http://www.stroseshorthills.org/images/bulletins/bulletin011220.pdf

  2. Take on Global Warming, small steps lead to big action - ideas for getting the whole family involved at climatekids.nasa.gov 

  3. Save some of Australia’s precious natural resources and adopt an Australian animal through the World Wildlife Fund www.worldwildlife.org/gifts

  4. Give Blood! There always a need - find a blood drive near you through Red Cross https://www.redcrossblood.org

  5. Still want to bake after the holidays are over?  Bake and donate your goods to a local food pantry

  6. Birthday Wish - Donate a birthday party to a foster child - https://abirthdaywish.org/

  7. Clean out your closets and donate your unwanted clothes and household items

  8. Warm up  a few tummies and hearts this winter. Go to soupsisters.com and sign up for an event near you! 

Top 10 TV Shows We Can't Wait To Binge-Watch

The Morning Show (Apple TV)
Turn (Netflix)
The Wire (HBO)
Game of Thrones (HBO)
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon)
Schitt's Creek (Netflix)
The Last Kingdom (Netflix)

Bodyguard (Netflix)

Top 10 Golden Globe Winners We Can't Wait to Watch

1917 (Movie) 

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Movie)

Fleabag. (Amazon)

Succession (HBO)

Parasite (Movie)

Judy (Movie)

Rocketman (Movie)

The Crown (Netflix)

Chernobyl (HBO)

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